Consumer Advocacy: Zaytoun

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Zaytoun sells Palestinian olive oil and other products:

Zaytoun exports high quality products from the Palestinian territories to a UK market – in 2009 they launched the world’s first ever fair trade olive oil and have since expanded their markets to include other staple elements of the Palestinian diet.

By supporting organisations like Zaytoun either by buying their products or by voluntarily offering your labour, it is possible to make a real difference to the lives of Palestinian farmers by helping to develop entrepreneurial ventures that can provide Palestinians with sustainable infrastructure, as well as share the fruits of their labour with a global market.product_olive_oil

As a result of the ongoing occupation in Palestine many olive trees are uprooted each year by settlers, destroying the livelihoods of those who rely on the olive harvest.

Zaytoun organises two trips a year for their customers to volunteer alongside affiliated farmers in Palestine during the olive harvest. Their products are all Fairtrade as well as being reasonably priced and of the highest quality.

Initially funded by hundreds of people willing to put up their money in advance of receiving their oil, it soon became clear that there was a huge demand for Palestinian products amongst supporters and fairtraders in the UK. Zaytoun received a loan from Triodos Bank which enabled us to place another order with the Palestinian producers, and we began to bring in not only oil but maftoul (couscous), dates, za’atar, almonds and soap.

Al Jazeera interview with fair trade farmer (Zaytoun):



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