#Poetry Series: On the Edge of Night

The man in blue with his head raised high
Fires his pistol toward the sky.
He does not ask why.

Blurred upon a canvas, and cast out from the town
He does not look down.
To catch a glimpse of irony, before she turns around.

No meaning or conclusion, as fades his hope.
At odds with still delusion, too far gone to cope.

His path once paved with clarity, now stained with black
Each step that pulls him forward, another drags him back.
Only himself left to attack.

Far off course with no remorse, too insane to breathe a sigh
Or even try.
She waits with them in paradise, for when the time draws nigh.

Alone in a desert of the mind, with his sanity so abused.
All those he left afflicted, all those who’s pain he used.
All those who left him so amused.

He see’s now the price that he must pay
For all those grief stricken, who’s love he took away.
Before his path concludes, before it leads astray.

Reach his arm toward his temple, and block out the light
With no cause left to struggle, and no reason left to fight
He moves his finger slightly, to find a world of night.



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