#NoisePollution: Regular John

Sludge and drums, morphing into sounds of sorrow and stranger times to come. Something of a happening on the stateside highway, forced out from Sydney. Never seen this before. Something we all turn to look at. Something someone whispers in your ear. Can’t quite make out what it was. Just something in the meantime. Something waiting to happen.
“The sun keeps rising, but not for me. I’ll spend forever inside my head.”

Regular John hail from Australia. Their second album, Strange Flowers was released a few years ago. It’s something of a grunge revival. It’s light and heavy, easy to listen to, there isn’t any particular track that stands out as a hit single – just 10 incredibly well put together compositions of sound that you want to listen to on your way home on the underground…

I fell in love but I was lazy
I broke out code, you broke my heart
I killed our forever.
You stayed nearby to let me down
And I’ll keep smiling when you’re around
I learnt the hard way that we all change
But I’ll keep walking, to my grave

When we were one I was dreaming
The rising sun left me cold
Sleeping forever
Inside my head I won’t grow old
She carved my heart into her name
I’ll keep pretending that it’s ok
Stuck inside memories,
In a daze
The sun keeps rising but not for me
I’ll spend forever in my head.


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