Dead Drop #1771

Dead Drops began in October 2010 as an offline file sharing network coined by a Berlin based media artist. The concept is pretty simple. Upload some files onto a USB, cement it into a wall, and wait for any passer by to plug it in and have a look. I’m sitting in Quoc Lo cafe, Hanoi. Nestled … More Dead Drop #1771

Musings #1

“In times of peace, the warlike man attacks himself” An inaccurate quote. Man. Woman. Warlike or otherwise. We all make war with ourselves in times of peace. And of war. Really, we are all at war, all of the time. Because we were built for nothing short of that reality. It is reality. We are … More Musings #1

al-Zaim, Palestine – Demonstration, May 2015

*This is a summary of events from 8th May 2015 – All photo’s credit to International Solidarity Movement (I forgot my own camera this day). The village of Al-Zaim sits on the edge of the Wall – within the Jerusalem jurisdiction, but nestled inside the West Bank. It is a Palestinian village, however the majority … More al-Zaim, Palestine – Demonstration, May 2015

Je Suis Charleston

Last month 9 innocent people were gunned down in Charleston, South Carolina, for no other reason than the colour of their skin. Dylann Roof, the shooter in this particular case of racial onslaught has subjected a whole community to a level of pain that I cannot begin to understand and forced an entire nation to mourn the death … More Je Suis Charleston