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Lost In Thought Clothing; the work of alternative UK artist and printomaniac Elliott Gould was founded in 2014.

A cannibalistic diet of cult pixels and an eye through the keyhole of the ink spill of the illustration underground, Elliott’s artwork is a reflection of his influences and his experience.

Each item of clothing in the Lost in Thought shop is hand printed using the most effective traditional methods, each unique and limited edition, signed by the artist. Carefully packaged and with a trademark finish, every shipment is treated as a personal service.


Lost in Thought also has a wide range of high quality prints available, which upon request can be framed.

All the work available through Lost in Thought is the artists original work and cannot be purchased through any other outlet. The brand is a true independent chop shop, built by creativity and a passion for fine crafted creation.

You can also support the artist by following his work across any of his multiple online platforms.

The appeal of Lost in Thought originates in my designs, along with the quality and attention to detail in all aspects of the production process. The quality of the products is essential to me, and to keep my loyal customers happy.
– Elliott Gould

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